Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

A moving company has many roles and responsibilities before storing and shifting your belongings. The company’s management ensure everything in good hands from packing to transport. Moving company also monitor the loading and unloading of clients’ belongings. Best movers and packers also ensure that your moveable products are safe and secure during transit. Therefore, before moving, you should know about Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. In this article, we discussed some roles and responsibilities from Mover & packers’ point of view.

Transport and Boxes

The primary role of mover or moving service providing company is to carefully pack and move products and provide proper boxes for all items. Moving and packing company also make sure about sealing the boxes and containers with quality material that protect the items during shipment. It is also important to load the items properly and transport them.

There are different types of services that moving companies are providing

But some common functions that every moving company is providing.

  • Loading and unloading your items.
  • A moving company should be trained and have the necessary equipment for this job.
  • A good mover should always offer a guarantee of quality service.
  • It is mandatory for good moving company to pack and load your goods with care, label them, and delivery on time.

The right packaging materials will be used by experienced packers to safeguard your precious products from harm during shipment. A trustworthy packer will also have goods insurance to safeguard your belongings from theft or damage. Hiring a reputable moving company is the greatest method to safeguard your possessions from damage. A reliable mover will have the right equipment and the know-how to pack and move your belongings in a secure manner. Additionally, you’ll save a tone of time and effort.


At the time of moving, it is the responsibility of best mover and packer to inspect everything. If you are moving at big level [moving an apartment or villa] it is important to identify weather everything is in good condition before the movers arrive. movers and packers will be responsible in addition of checking and damage because of premises the new before moving the contact. If you want a special request or check any type of issue pre move inspection prove to be helpful.

Movers and packers are required by law to let shippers that they have the opportunity to review the carrier’s tariffs, which is an important component of a carriage contract. You can request a copy of the tariff provision by going to the carrier’s facility. The rates, requirements, and fees the airline will charge you for transferring your products are detailed in the tariff conditions. These regulations cannot be changed or updated unless you notify the carrier in writing.

A good moving company always ensure that the client’s belonging is properly packed and move without any damage. by using modern equipment and tools, a moving company carefully monitor all stages of shifting and storage process. Movers and packers should be skilled, professional trained to do their job.


Are you relocating to Dubai from Abu Dhabi? Therefore, you are not alone in experiencing anxiousness. Many people turn to relocation businesses for assistance since moving can be stressful. These businesses have the expertise required to assist you with your full migration. These businesses can offer a range of supplies, such as boxes and tape, in addition to their services.


Insurance for movers and packers is crucial to safeguard your valuables, unlike homeowners who must rely on their homeowners and auto insurance to cover their items during a move. Your home and auto insurance sometimes cover limited losses, it is not possible to provide adequate protection during the movement. Truck rental companies offer insurance for cars and drivers, and cargo.

Complete value protection moving company provides detailed protection for your belongings. In this situation a company pay for damages or loss of items up to the price of items. This kind of coverage normally most expensive option and may not prove to be a good option for first time mover. If you are not sure about the right insurance for your moving need, discuss with your mover and packers about their insurance policy.

To safeguard your possessions and reduce your worry while moving, moving insurance is crucial. The only things that your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance may cover are those that you pack yourself. Your belongings may be compensated for any damage sustained during your move if your movers carry cargo insurance. However, you’ll still be on your own in the event of an accident if you don’t carry homeowners or renters’ insurance. The extra money spent on this coverage is worthwhile.

Customer Rights

You may hear moving stories about unprofessional companies that are charging thousands of AED more than their estimates or hold the belongings of clients for the payment of extra charges. Consumer rights can protect these kinds of unhealthy conducts. It is important for consumer to protect their household by understanding his/ her rights. Bill of leading is most important for this purpose. A bill of lading must be provided by your mover. The information on the paper must match that on the order for service, as required by law. Never sign a bill of lading unless you have read it over and understand everything on it.

Customer Responsibilities

Due diligence is most important factor while you make any kind agreement. In the case of moving agreement, you should also need to discuss properly related agreement. Some responsibilities are;

Estimation of Binding and Non-Binding.

Estimation is different between binding and non-binding agreement. Some companies estimate shipment without binding and after movement, it increases the cost of moving which is not a good for service providing company.

Moving Claims.

Some customers believe that the mover is always entirely liable for any damage that arises during the relocation, but this isn’t always the case. The kind of coverage you accept when you sign the contract will determine everything. Options consist of:

  • Fully value Replacement. In case of full value replacement detailed coverage required against all damages while moving. Under this kind of coverage moving cost increase from normal level.
  • Third-Party Insurance. With third-party insurance, you may further safeguard your shipment. Your mover must give you a copy of the policy if you select this option through them. If they fail to do so, they are responsible for any loss or damage brought on by their carelessness.
  • Released Value: under this protection, included at no cost but reimbursement is limited to 60 cents per pound.

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