7 Tips for Packing Electronics

When you decide to move from one home to another, it means there is a lot of important tasks which you will perform before moving. Definitely you need to pack every room’s item and also need for a convenient and easy means of transportation for your move. It is important to consider that there is vast list of products that needs your special attention. You need to ensure that all sensitive items are handling with specific care. Read 7 Tips for Packing Electronics to make your devices safe from any damage.

As you know, we are living in the world of technology. We are using hundreds of electronic devices in home. When you make a plan to move in a new home, safe packing loading and unloading of Electronics’ products is always challenging for you. A well experienced moving and packing company just know about your need. Km Mover is well recognized name in UAE which takes warrantee packing and moving your precious products in a safe a secure way.  Km Mover is here to give 7 important tips to remember when packing electronics for your big move.

Back up And Save Your All-Important Documents And Files

Make sure to Back up and save your all-important documents and files before you move to a new home. It doesn’t matter that you pack your electronic items in a secure way, a little mistake during packing loading and unloading may damage your electric device. It is better to save your important data to avoid yourself from headache before International and Local Moving.

There are number of ways to save your useable documents and files. You can back up your data either to a peripheral hard drive or to an online storage service. The safest way for data back up is an online cloud service that are offering by well reputed companies. Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox are some authentic companies in a way to online back up your worthy data.

Hire Professional Packing And Moving Company

In small and partial move, you may pack your limited items safely. In case of a big and sensitive devices move, you need to hire a professional help for the safe and secure move of your valued items. Professional movers come with their own supplies which is avoid you to purchase special boxes and bubble wrap for packing the devices in an experienced way.

In this way Km Mover is a good name in UAE to pack load and unload your electronics items in safe way. We equipped with all mandatory supplies and experienced staff that will make ensure minimize the risk of damage during move.

 Unplug Devices 10 Hours Before you Move

Warm electronics may the packing material that cause some serious damage. Before you transport some heated devices, you need to give some time to cooling off them. To Unplug your devices 10 hours before you move also condenses the risk of static electricity, which could result in a horrible shock. We named some devices which needs to remove from plug before you pack devices for move.

Batteries: Don’t forget to remove the replaceable batteries from the various remote controls and electronic devices before packing them. The key justification for taking that safety precaution is that you don’t want batteries to overheat and leak in the back of a moving car.

Disks and peripherals. Remove any media discs from their video players, including VHS tapes (! ), CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, and bundle them with your disc collection. Disconnect all external hard drives, flash memory, and other auxiliary equipment as well.

Toners and ink cartridges. You must remove the toner or ink cartridge of a laser and ink jet printer before you plane a move. You should pack them inside plastic bag that safe from dust. In case of ignorance, it may cause some serious accident.

Keep Cords Organized

When you move with your electronics, it may take a lot of time or some serious issue while reconnecting cords with devices. By connecting cables and wires together using twist ties, you may save the hassle of having to untangle them after the move and match each cord with the appropriate equipment.

If you pack all cables in identify way, this will helpful to reduce risk and wastage of time after you move. By connecting cables and wires together using twist ties, you may save the hassle of having to untangle them after the move and match each cord with the appropriate equipment.

It is Good To Take a Picture Before Disassembly

In old home, you pay no special attention on your electronic devices set up. Due to this you may face difficulty to assemble the devices in new home. It is very convenient to take a picture before removing cables/ cords from them, especially when a device has a complicated assembly process. You won’t have to rely on guesswork when reassembly is taking place if you do it this manner.

Take Necessary Measures While Unpacking Your Electronics

Risk of damages for your electronics devices exists even after the safe delivery of moving boxes. Don’t remove safety packing until your electronic equipment installed and running the way as at your old home. Firstly, carry the boxes into the room where you made plan to install the equipment. Considered it important during the unpacking process of electronic devices and do it with proper attention.

Secondly, go through all of the packing materials as you unpack to avoid missing any tiny components like cables, accessories, or screws and accidentally throwing them away. Get rid of the packing materials you won’t be using again after setting up your electrical devices and making sure they are functioning properly.

Thirdly, after taking out devices from boxes you need dusting and even vacuum before normal usage.

proper Set Up Your Electronics After Move

You might not typically contemplate buying brand-new surge-protected power strips with sufficient protection against unforeseen power spikes while reinstalling your computer or other similarly delicate electronic equipment in your new home.

After the transfer, you are encouraged to wait at least 24 hours before turning on and plugging in your electronics. Some electronic equipment components are quite delicate and require some time to acclimate to room temperature before they can be used.

If the household relocation was completed during the hottest or coldest months of the year, this precaution is especially crucial. Before connecting in your equipment, be sure to check them for dampness.

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